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Landscape Plans Dekalb County

Erosion PreventionLandscape Plans Dekalb County 404-955-4260 – Landscape design Plans including hardscapes, water features, trees, plants, landscape ideas and landscape consultation. We offer design and installation of hardscapes, water features, plantings, and outdoor living areas Dekalb County . The Dekalb County Landscape Plans provided by Horticultural Gardens for every budget for Landscape Plans in Dekalb County . We offer landscape plans drawn specifically for your property designed by a landscape professional with over 20 years’ experience. Our landscape planner has an extensive knowledge of landscape planning for the Dekalb County homeowner. When designing a landscape it is essential the landscape design plan take into consideration many factors, such as extensive plant knowledge as to each plants growth habits. There are many things to be considered when drawing a landscape plan, such as property layout, and size of mature plants and trees. We have seen many landscape plans years after installation, where the mature size of plants chosen were never considered. Call Horticultural Gardens today for landscape plans in Dekalb County by a professional.

Landscape Plan Dekalb County Consultation

Horticultural Gardens can provide the homeowner with a landscape consultation and ideas for your Dekalb County landscape design. Landscape plans can incorporate many features into your landscape Dekalb County design. Horticultural Gardens can do the entire process from start to finish. Starting with the professionally designed landscape plan incorporating, tree and shrub planting to water features, and hardscapes, Horticultural Gardens is the one stop shop for the entire project. We have been guiding and consulting Dekalb County homeowners for over 20 years in the best way to achieve their landscaping ideas. Call Horticultural Gardens today for Landscape Consultation services in Dekalb County 404-955-4260.


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Landscape Services

A professionally designed home landscape creates curb appeal and adds to the properties resell value

Drainage Solution

Drainage Solutions – Drainage Design & Construction by Horticultural Gardens; we specialize in design

Custom Masonary

Enduring beauty of stone; North Atlanta custom stone masonry services, by Horticultural Gardens

Water Scapes

An ideal water feature add a beauty and ambiance to any outdoor living space in North Atlanta.


The high end landscape increases the joy of the living experience by bringing the comforts, amenities, and pure sophistication of custom home interiors into the outdoor realm of Natural beauty enhanced by exquisite custom stone elements